21cc Fireworks Diamond Jubilee Beacons A Great Success


Tonight, 4th June 2012, was a big night for 21cc Fireworks and the team. This was the moment when the country lit up their beacons between 22:00hrs at the North of the UK to 22:30hrs in the South, culminating with the Queen lighting her beacon in front of Buckingham Palace in a nation wide synchronised beacon lighting event.

The 21cc Fireworks team were at the heart of the event as an official supplier of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons. There were 4224 officially registered Beacon Lighting events in the UK and 26 globally in celebration of the Queen’s reign. Many of the beacons were shown being lit live on the BBC and STV around the country as part of the national TV coverage of the event.

Some notable locations where the 21cc Fireworks Diamond Jubilee Beacons were lit included Edinburgh Castle, lit by Major General Nick Eeles live on the BBC and Sky, Palace Demense and mountain tops such as Ben Nevis (as part of the 4 tallest peaks in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). They were also sent abroad including one very special beacon, which was lit by John Bradshaw of the British High Commission outside the hotel in the Aberdare National Park in Nyeri, central Kenya. This is the hotel where the young Princess Elizabeth was staying when she was told in 1952 of her father George VI’s death – which meant she would become the monarch.

The Company Director, Geoff Crow said

“This is a monumental occasion for the nation. I am so proud of our team who have worked so hard over these last months. To see the beacons that we have designed, manufactured and delivered all over the UK being lit sequentially live on the BBC across the country is fabulous. It is a tremendous and significant achievement. 21cc Fireworks is all about bringing people together – what better occasion is there to bring people together than the celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. This is a privilege and an honour that will last in our memories forever. We are so pleased to have played a part in this significant occasion.”

As well as the provision of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons, 21cc Fireworks were also putting on a range of spectacular firework shows around the country, including some to the traditional ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ classical music scripts, such as the ‘Crown Imperial’.

The beacon lighting event has been submitted to the Guinness book of records for the longest chain of beacons ever lit.

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