My venue has a lot of restrictions for fireworks, what can we do?
Your venue will want your wedding day to be perfect, as do we. If they have restrictions due to noise, it may be that they will allow us to use our ‘Low Noise‘ fireworks. Alternatively, we may be able to use some of our indoor pyrotechnics, such as our confetti cannons or outdoor fountains if you are looking for that special photograph for your wedding day album. We are more than happy to talk with your venue on your behalf to see what might be possible.
Are we able to design a fireworks display that will work with the theme for our wedding or event?
Absolutely. We have trained firework choreographers who will design your show with colours and bursts that will compliment your wedding or event. We will discuss your thoughts with you in advance of your show to ensure that your vision is created.
How much should we spend on our display?
This depends on your event and how important the fireworks are to your event. Our professional display packages range from £1,500 to many thousands depending on whether you want a short, furious splash or an intense pyromusical fireworks display or a combination of them both. Our pyrotechnics packages start from just a few hundred. For a corporate event, we have found that companies typically work around 10% of the event budget for the fireworks show. Why not drop us a line and we can talk through your requirement with you.
What will I get for my money?
Included in the overall cost is the design, scripting, preparation, the product, risk assessments, travel, crew and our £10,000,000 insurance cover. It also includes a clear up of the site. It’s an all inclusive package. No hidden extras. Because we have sites located across the country we are able to keep travel costs to a minimum and ensure that you are getting the best amount of firework product possible.
What if the weather is bad?
Generally the weather does not affect a show. We are still able to set up the displays and provided you are able to see them from where you are, you will not notice the difference. The intensity and effect from the fireworks will still be evident and the enjoyment of you and your guests will remain the same no matter if the weather is unfavourable. During discussions regarding your display we will be able to deal with any concerns you may have and will ensure that is possible is done to deliver a spectacular show.
Our event is in the summer, can we still have fireworks?
Fireworks can still take place in the summer months with the latest firing time being 11pm. This means that for most months the nights will have drawn in enough to give the desired fireworks effect. Should you be looking for another way to surprise your guests or clients, without using a fireworks display, you could choose to have pyrotechnics display or confetti cannons which can be fired at specific times.
How do I book my display?
There are various ways to book your display. We will be happy to speak to directly should you have any questions or requests for your show. Please call us on 0131 331 4509 or email us.
What is the latest time that the fireworks can be fired?
By law the show must finish by 11pm (please ask your venue if they have any timing restrictions). However, we can apply a for a dispensational license to fire later if this is something that you would like to discuss.
What type of fireworks do you use?
All of our professional fireworks displays use category 4 fireworks. These top end professional grade products that are far larger and brighter with a greater impact than fireworks that can be bought in the shops which are category 3.