‘Hello World’ moment of V&A Dundee’s global launch

Fact Sheet

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“We’re beyond delighted” Director of Audiences & Media – V&A

The Brief

To provide technical production for all lighting and effects onto the new V&A building, for the live televised ‘Hello World’ moment for the launch of the V&A Dundee in Slessor Gardens parkland on the city’s waterfront.

What we did

During a five-day build we worked closely with DF Concerts & Events, who managed the overall event, and the BBC which televised it live.  We collaborated on the build, positions of equipment and sight lines for both the onsite audience and the television viewers. Our on-site technical team designed and set up all the special effects and lighting onto the V&A building. In addition we handled the technical services for Éclair Fifi’s set including special effects  such as Co2 following the ‘Hello World’ moment. Our fireworks and pyrotechnic teams, who designed punctuation moments throughout the finale, were also on hand.

The Results

A stunning delivery of lighting & sound, designed and programmed to the unique architecture of the V&A. Accompanied by fireworks and pyrotechnics witnessed by more than 10,000 at Dundee docks and a television audience of thousands more.

The Verdict

Geoff Crow, director of 21CC says: “This was a superb opportunity for us to showcase all areas of our events business : productions, events, pyrotechnics and fireworks. Fabulous to be associated with such a unique and exciting new venture.”

The Director of Audiences & Media at the V&A says ‘The whole team at V&A Dundee would like to say a big THANK YOU for all your amazing support in delivering the lighting and fireworks for our opening event last week. I appreciate that you and the team from 21CC made exceptional efforts in the immediate run up to opening to ensure that the lighting and sound element was delivered to a high quality.  There has been loads and loads of positive feedback from audiences, stakeholders, celebrities, sponsors and media, and it continues to stream in. We’re beyond delighted with the response!

It is great that our building is being considered a national landmark already.  Thank you again for your support. We really do appreciate everything you have done to make this a very special start for V&A Dundee.’

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