Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Gas Beacon


In 2012, Her Majesty The Queen will become only the second monarch in British history to celebrate 60 years of rule on the throne. This is a moment a national celebration of the Queen’s achievements and her dedication to this country.

As a certified provider to the Queens Diamond Jubilee Beacon and to celebrate the occasion, 21cc Fireworks have developed a Jubilee Gas Beacon (or church tower beacon) that has been designed especially for the national event on the 4th June 2012.

The torches are £360 plus VAT each. This includes:

  1. A feature diamond shaped burner unit
  2. Flame height approximately 1.0 – 1.5m depending upon wind strength
  3. 2.4m tall steel stand (total height when erected)
  4. Base footprint approx 1m x 1m, with adjustable feet
  5. Steel pins to secure the feet in soft ground (more details below)
  6. Pre-made gas assembly, including 4m of piping, connections, Y-splitter and pig tail (for connecting 2 gas cylinders), regulator and a quick release fitting
  7. Fixed size spanner for connecting the 2 gas cylinders to the gas assembly
  8. Lighter on the end of stick x2
  9. Safety notes and instructions
  10. UK delivery (if remote, on an island or in NI, a surcharge may apply)
  11. A donation of £36 to the Nibikure children’s charity (21cc Fireworks sponsored charity)

NOTE: You will need to source your gas for your Jubilee church tower beacon from a local LPG supplier (more details below). Remember to download a copy of the Propane Gas Safety Sheet to ensure you are aware of the risks of using LPG.

Easy Assembly

The Diamond Jubilee Beacon from 21cc Fireworks will come ready for easy assembly. It will come in sections so that it is easy to lift, easy to move and easy to transport. The gas assembly is easily connected to the burner by a quick release fitting. The gas bottles are easily connected to the gas assembly by a single threaded nut and spanner (supplied). Simple. (The gas units are pre-assembled – but it is the users responsibility to ensure all connections are tight and fit for purpose in case they have become lose in transit).

Lighting The Beacon

The Diamond Jubilee Beacon is lit using the supplied lighting tool. This is essentially a wax primed fabric on the end of a stick. When lit, it creates a steadily burning flame. This is then held over the top of the beacon as a second person slowly turns on the gas. This means that the person lighting the gas beacon is at a safe distance when the flame ignites. More details are included within the instructions. The beacon should be attended to by a minimum of 2 responsible and competent people at all times.

Trial Run

We would recommend that the Diamond Jubilee Beacon is set up as a trial run in advance of your event by those who are lighting the torch to ensure that they are familiar with the set up and operation.

Burn Time

The beacon has been designed to burn for approximately 1 hour using 2 x 13kg Propane gas cylinders, producing a flame up to 1.5m tall (depending upon wind).

Remember To Buy Your Gas

You will need to source your gas for your beacon from a local LPG supplier. Propane is supplied by most LPG stockists. If in doubt, check out the calor gas website for a local LPG supplier. Propane is supplied in the red cylinders. (Blue is Butane). Propane is supplied in 6kg, 13kg, 19kg and 47kg. Remember, when you are carrying a gas bottle, the total weight that you lift is the weight of the steel cylinder plus the weight of the gas i.e. a 13kg cylinder contains 13kg of gas, but the total weight of the cylinder is approximately 25kg.

The Right Size Of Gas Cylinder

We would recommend the 13kg or the 19kg cylinders for use with our beacon. When gas is drawn from a bottle, the liquid gas (LPG) changes to a gas by drawing heat from the air through the wall of the gas cylinder, causing the outside of the cylinder to freeze. The frost on the cylinder will cause the rate of conversion of the LPG to gas to slow down. The 13Kg are lighter to carry, but due to the rate of draw of the gas, they will freeze over more quickly, thus reducing the size of the flame as it burns. The 19Kg cylinders are larger with a greater surface area and will therefore freeze more slowly, resulting in the flame remaining larger for longer.


The unit is stable in itself. For additional stability, if setting up on soft ground, there are 4 steel pins to secure the base. If setting up on solid ground (such as a roof top or street), sand bags (not supplied) or concrete blocks (not supplied) will be required for additional stability.

Registering Your Beacon

You can follow the Jubilee Beacon News here. Once you have bought your beacon, you can join the nation’s celebrations and register your event using the Official Diamond Jubilee Beacons form. From there you can insert your details to have your event added to the list. This is also an excellent way of gaining publicity for your event.

To Buy Your Beacon

Time is limited and our beacons are now being made to order. To ensure that we can still manufacture your beacon and deliver it in time; we are aiming for delivery before 2nd June. Contact our office on 0131 331 4509, or email your enquiry to beacons@21ccfireworks.com and we’ll be able to confirm the details with you.

Event Insurances

If you are holding an event, you may need public liability insurance. Ensure you have suitable cover for your Diamond Jubilee celebrations with Unity’s range of straightforward, affordable policies specifically created for the Beacon events, underwritten by Ecclesiastical Insurance. To find out more and get a quote visit: www.unityinsuranceservices.co.uk/jubilee or call Unity on 0845 0945 702.

Add A Bit Of Sparkle To Your Diamond Celebrations

If you’re having a party to celebrate this wonderful occasion, then why not commemorate the lighting of your beacon with a small garden party fireworks display to entertain your family and your guests? Our retail outlet www.edinburghfireworksstore.com has some special Diamond Jubilee family fireworks packages, starting from just £19.99. Or have a professional fireworks display by us (21cc Fireworks) starting from just £1,000 anywhere in the UK.

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