We realise that there are a lot of professional firework images out there.
Who would know if someone pinched one off the internet and used it as their own…?We don’t operate like that. We’ve set out a few principles and guidelines that clearly define our image policy. Here they are:

  1. All of the images in our online gallery, our product literature and brochure and those on our website have been taken from shows and events choreographed, managed and fired by us.
  2. The images shown are a true representation of scale, colour and effect of the actual product. As tempting as it is, none of our images have been tampered with or modified in an attempt to make our products and services look any different from what they looked like when they were photographed at the time.
  3. The scale and nature of the images that have been used adjacent to the various products are a close representation of the nature and scale of the product being advertised. For example, we do not show an image from one of our major pyro-musical festival firework shows valued at £35,000 adjacent to our level 1 wedding fireworks displays valued at £1000. This is especially important in our product literature and brochures.
  4. The photos in the gallery of our times in China are from our trips to the factories that manufacture the products that we use. They are not random photographs taken from google or someone else’s holiday snaps (though don’t let anyone fool you – our China business trips are a lot of fun and this can be easily confused…!)
  5. All of these images are the property of 21cc Group so please do not copy or use without prior agreement. We’re quite flexible if you are looking for an image for your own purposes, but please ask first.