Fireworks Displays Over Water

There is something magical about having your fireworks display over water whether it be on a barge, pontoon, trailer, island, bridge, beach, dock or pier. The reflections in the water can really enhance the overall effect of the fireworks in the sky.

Making the most of the setting.

Our experienced and firework industry trained staff will plan and choreograph your display over the water, recommending appropriate fireworks with bright colours to reflect in the water. Using our wireless firing systems, we are able to fire certain sites remotely meaning that we can have multiple firing sites all firing simultaneously on water and on land. We can also coordinate the effects to music, further enhancing the show.

Our friendly team look forward to speaking to you.

If you are interested in one of our city centre displays, our team will be happy to chat it over with you, simply click below to send them a message or call us on 0131 331 4509.

Popular alternatives...

Traditional Fireworks

All our displays are bespoke and tailored to your venue and budget.

Fireworks to Music
Fireworks to Music.

Carefully choreographed, electronically scripted & digitally fired, accurate to 1/100 of a second.

Our professional firework displays are accessible to everyone and range from intimate entry level displays all the way to those off an international scale. Our friendly team will happily recommend the level of show and budget best suited for your venue and event, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call for more details.

All of our display prices include our £10,000,000 insurances, risk assessments, show design, professionally trained and experienced crew, firing and clear up. This is all part of the service from 21CC Fireworks.

As well as our full range of firework services, 21CC Group offer event management, technical production, pyrotechnics and special effects. If you have an event coming up, our team would love to hear from you, and discuss how we can assist you further.