Ripping it up with our CO2 jets!

Our CO2 jets are the perfect club pyrotechnics effect. They can be mounted at the front of the stage, on the DJ booth and also on the truss pointing down onto the stage.

The crowd are whipped into a frenzy as the trance music winds up, then as the bass drops, our jets lift the room as the crowd bounce to the beat… Awesome!

These are the right tools for the job. Ask our expert team how we can use our CO2 jets to enhance your guests experience.

Check out our CO2 jets!

"say hello to our little friend...." (CO2 gun!)

Now this is a lot of fun… Why not use one of our CO2 guns as part of your set to get the crowd going. Never used a CO2 gun before? Don’t worry, it is light, mobile and easy to use. On a serviced hire, our team will deliver the kit, set it up and have it all tested ready for your gig. This is an effect you and your crowd will love. Guaranteed!


Check out our CO2 guns!

Hit the highs with our Confetti Super Blasters!

Our confetti super blasters just keep on giving! These cannons will absolutely fill the air over and over again in tremendous style, creating a euphoric and party atmosphere. They are exciting and fun!

This effect is the perfect way to start or finish your set piece or event. The confetti is thrust so far, the confetti will sit, sparkle and flutter for a long time in the air as your revellers dance to the beat.

You can even choose the type of confetti. The perfect club pyrotechnics effect from 21CC Pyrotechnics!

Check out our confetti products

Or Go Massive With Our Stadium Streamer Shots

Our Stadium Shot systems are designed to shoot confetti and streamers across stadiums and large arenas for optimum and dramatic effect.

These systems are fully controllable, which means we can fire them simultaneously using a simple button press, or using DMX or time-coded firing systems for more complex firing arrangements.

We have a full range of streamer colours and effects. Just let us know what you need.

Book our Stadium Streamer Shots
balloon drop company in scotland by 21CC Pyrotechnics

Additional Services

Our flame units will undoubtedly turn up the heat on your event with flame effects from 21CC Pyrotechnics! From single lift to gas fuelled multi flame effects. All DMX controlled! Our flames add that dramatic punctuation and excitement to your event.

Flame Effects

Add that extra bit of sparkle to your event and surprise the audience with our enormous range of indoor and close proximity pyrotechnic fountain effects from 21CC Pyrotechnics.

Fountain Effects

Types of Effects

Take a look at the range of special effects that we have on offer for your event

Costing Information

Our pyrotechnic effects can start from just a few hundred pounds – which is great value for a special splash. We cater for a wide range of budgets to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy something of our professional products and services.

What’s included in our service

All of our prices include our £10,000,000 insurances, risk assessments, methods of safe working, product design, production, professionally trained and experienced crew, firing and clear up. They also include VAT. This is all part of the service from 21cc Pyrotechnics Ltd.

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