Low Noise Fireworks

It’s not always possible to provide our standard displays in areas where there may be noise or venue restrictions, but our beautiful low noise displays mean you can still impress your guests without compromising on quality.

Tranquillity without being discreet.

We use a range of custom fireworks that have been designed to be every bit as impressive as a standard firework, just without the loud explosions when they open. Although audibly different, your display will look as stunning as one of our standard displays.

Our friendly team look forward to speaking to you.

If you are interested in one of our low noise displays, our team will be happy to chat it over with you, simply click below to send them a message or call us on 0131 331 4509.

Popular alternatives...

Traditional Fireworks

All our displays are bespoke and tailored to your venue and budget.

Fireworks to Music
Fireworks to Music.

Carefully choreographed, electronically scripted & digitally fired, accurate to 1/100 of a second.