Ash Scattering Fireworks

By modifying our material we are able to accommodate a quantity of ashes, leaving a small portion of the ash for our clients to keep if they choose to do so. We understand the sensitive nature of this service and you can rest assured that your loved ones ashes will be handled with the greatest of care and respect.

A special send off.

We embed the ashes within the body of our professional shells, which reach hights of 800-1000 feet in the air, before being spectacularly scattered as the shells explode across the sky in the colours of your choice. By choosing one of our displays to music we can provide a fully choreographed display, ending with the ashes being scattered in an array of colours.  

Our friendly team look forward to speaking to you.

If you are interested in one of Ash Scattering fireworks, our team will be happy to chat it over with you, simply click below to send them a message or call us on 0131 331 4509.

Popular alternatives...

Fireworks to Music
Fireworks to Music.

Carefully choreographed, electronically scripted & digitally fired, accurate to 1/100 of a second.

Low Noise Fireworks
Low Noise Fireworks

Just as impressive as our other displays but simply without the loud explosions and sky bursts.