Our Culture

At the heart of everything we do, has always been our team, our vision and our culture, using our unique core values, not only in our service delivery but in our day to day business dealings, 21CC Group prides itself on being an inclusive and genuine event specialist company.

Our Core Values...

  1. Event Excellence

We strive to deliver event excellence every single time.

  1. Transparency & Integrity

We are clear in all our dealings whether it be with our customers, staff or stakeholders.

  1. Collaboration

We love nothing more than working with others and encourage collaboration where we can.

  1. Fairness & Equality

We believe that everyone who deals with us should be treated fairly and equally.

  1. Innovative

We like to be at the cutting edge of event delivery and will always offer our clients the best solutions.

  1. Value for Money

We believe our services offer our clients value for money

Meet the crew...

Geoff Crow

Company Director

The Great Chieftain, a trail blazer, entrepreneur and out the box thinker

Loves: A Spreadsheet
Hates: Bad Coffee
Motto: Go Big or Go Home

John Laidlaw

Business Manager

John Laidlaw

Business Manager

Emma McIntyre

Head of Projects

The Solutionist, details orientated, with a methodical mind

Loves: Travelling
Hates: Spiders and Wasps
Motto: Per Ardua (Through Difficulties) – The McIntyre clan motto

Nick Barrass

Head of Production

The Power House, turns concepts into reality and the unthinkable into achievable

Loves: New kit, happy clients and crew catering
Hates: Seagulls
Motto: We can make that happen

Andy Stentiford

Technical Director

The Virtuoso, blending light and creative magic to deliver the unbelievable

Loves: Symmetry
Hates: Vicks Vaporub
Motto: Be yourself, everyone else is takeng

Julie Ogilvie

Senior Producer & Relationship Manager

The Creator, a magic maker and dream granter.

Loves: The Hebrides
Hates: Leaving the Hebrides
Motto: Keep swimming

Graham MacIntyre

Senior Project Manager

The Man of Action, making events happen

Loves: Motorbiking, Golf, Cooking
Hates: Road Rage, Midges, Bad Wine
Your Motto: No problem, we can do that!

Neill Fleming

Production Manager

The Whizz, technical genius and lighting guru

Loves: The Outdoors
Hates: Rave music
Motto: Success is when persistence meets preparation.

Matthew Beaton

Display Manager

The Architect, designer of displays and creator of unforgettable experiences

Loves: Musical Theatre
Hates: Rollercoasters
Motto: Never ask anyone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself

Mark Hennys

Event Manager

The multi-tasker, collaborator and problem solver

Loves: Formula 1, travelling and DRUMS!
Hates: Olives
Motto: By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Rachel Dakers

Booking & Enquiry Co-ordinator

The Team Player – always happy to get involved and help out.

Loves: Travelling and Curling (ironic when I hate being cold)
Hates: Being Cold
Moto/Saying: What’s for you, won’t go by you.

Iain McEwan


The Planner, always knows what’s happening and when

Loves: Rugby and being outdoors
Hates: Horses, they scare me! Equinophobia is real!
Life Goal: To complete the trek to Everest Base Camp before 50.

Victoria Gillespie

Production Technician

The Dynamo, always at the ready to get the job done

Loves: Video games
Hates: Pasta
Motto: “Be loyal to what matters.”

Tom Bramwell

Production Technician

The Enthusiast, always happy to get stuck in

Loves: Warmth / Sun, Coffee, Climbing
Hates: Cold and Wet
Always do your best work

Joanne Hogg

Accounts Administrator

The Achiever, gets stuck into any task that needs doing

Loves: Going to concerts and singing
Hates: Inefficiency and bad service
Motto: It’ll all be good (ever the optimist)

Callum Ridley

Events Graduate

The optimist, always looking to find a positive.

Likes: Sports, Techno Music and Whisky
Dislikes: a negative attitude and cauliflower
Motto: A ship at harbour is safe, but that's not what ships are for!

Iain Coomber


The Ergophile, always busy and ready for more

Loves: Being outside
Hates: Rain
Motto: Go team

Barry Forrest


Barry Forrest

Senior Firer

George Tait


In arduis fidelis (faithful in adversity) - Corp motto of the RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps)

Loves: American Football Hates: Mushrooms

Mark Bingham


Be respectful, polite and courteous to those that deserve it.

Loves: DIY & Youth Football Hates: Waffling, why use 100 words when it can be said in 10

Graham Wilson


Parate Advenite - Come prepared (St. Johns Rastrick Rucksack Club)

Loves: Munro bagging Hates: Midges

Thomas Haywood


Thomas lets your images take flight!

Loves: Photography, Drones, Baseball umpiring, Travel Hates: Hot spicy food, Horror Movies

Steve Smith


Steve Smith

Senior Firer

Craig Robertson


Craig Robertson


Keith Jarrett


Keith Jarrett


Callum Robertson


Keith Jarrett