Mines, Comets & Maroons Special effect Pyrotechnics

Mines & Comets may look similar to fireworks; however, they are specifically designed for areas that have limited space available. Available in an array of colours and effects they are ideal for sporting and outdoor events. Maroons are the noise maker of the pyrotechnic world; they are an excellent effect when used appropriately alongside other effects or on their own to simulate or create an explosion or percussion set piece.

Mines & Comets

Fill your stage with our coloured mine chases and crossing tail comets, accentuating that special moment during your event. Our Mines & Comets can all be digitally controlled, allowing us to set up complex sequences, that can be programmed to music and combined with other pyrotechnic effects.  


The loudest effect in our repertoire, Maroons are commonly used in TV, theatres, concerts and outdoor festivals, to simulate and create explosions as part of a wider special effects set piece.

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