Mini Royal Military Tattoo

Check out our showreel from an event that our technical team designed and delivered for a client. Our production services included the lighting, sound, projection and control.

Our events management business 21CC Events managed the clients branding and the performance plan, our fireworks business 21CC Fireworks managed the fireworks display and our pyro business 21CC Pyrotechnics managed the flames and special effects. This is 21CC Group in action. Enjoy.

You can read more about this event here: Mini Tattoo by 21CC.

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The Full Production Package

Here at 21CC Productions we are experienced and fully equipped to design a full range of technical services for your events.

From small scale dinners and private events, to full scale celebrations and public events, concerts and festivals. Indoors or outdoors, 21CC Productions have the full package in-house to bring your event to life.

Check out the sections below to see what our technical team can bring to your event.

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Indoor Lighting

The right lighting can really enhance any space. That is why lighting is such a critical part of any event.

The tone, colour and intensity can have an enormous impact on how a space feels. For example, lighting can make a space feel warm or cold, light or dark, safe or eerie.

Our team are experts at designing the right lighting for different spaces, to achieve the effect and feel that you are after.

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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting adds a real ‘Wow’ factor to any event or venue.

We have a wide range of event lighting fixtures and effects that are specifically designed for outdoor use. They are IP rated, which means that they are capable of being used outdoors in the rain, sleet and even snow!

Our production team here at 21CC Productions will put together a lighting package that will enhance the externals of your venue, stage or public park.

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Wired For Sound

We understand the importance of you and your guests hearing the entertainment, music, speech or announcement at your event. If people cannot hear, they can disengage. That is why we have a wide range of sound equipment here at 21CC Productions.

From a small speech PA with a wireless mic, to full line arrays, multiple subs and delays, we have you covered. We have Yamaha, Sennheiser and the world renouned high end d&b audiotechnik sound systems. We also have wireless sound systems in-house, so we can quickly deploy PA in rooms where there is a very short set up time.

With full time dedicated sound techs within our production team, we will spec the right kit for your event.

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Projection & Mapping

With a range of projectors in house, we are able to offer our clients a variety of projection solutions.

Projection can be as simple as a conference set up with screen, or large scale logo projection, to full building mapping and bespoke content creation.

Projection really does add something special to an event, creating a focal point to entertainment spaces and complimenting other entertainment services, such as performances, fireworks and music.

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Gobos & Logos

Whether it be a wedding or a corporate event, you might want your names, logo or company name projected onto a wall, floor, venue entrance or ceiling. There are a number of ways that we can do this for you – all of which are very effective. We have lighting fixtures for indoors and IP rated LED fixtures for outdoors, to suit your requirements. They can be static or moving!

Themed Gobos 

We can also theme our gobos to suit the theme of your event. We have lots of gobos in stock, such as Scottish themes, wizards, dinosaurs, Christmas themes and many more.

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Screens & Monitors

Screens are an important part of most events, whether they be for presentation, video showreels or background content. We have a range of screens and monitors here at 21CC Productions, to ensure that we specify the right bit of kit for your event.

We have recently invested in new LED super high def screens, which are really sharp and clean – perfect for any event and presentation.

Our team can advise on what size and specification of screen you might need, or whether we need to go to bigger with projection or LED screen walls.

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Stage Sets & Backdrops

A stage set and back drop can make an enormous difference to your event. Each set is custom built and made to measure to suit your venue and the nature of what you are trying to achieve.

Our stage sets are commonly fabric lined in either corporate colours or in pure white, with the branding or text embossed on the front. The benefit of a white backdrop is that we can use our lighting effects to colour and texture the back of the stage, changing the colours and mood for different parts of your event. It just depends on what you are needing.

Do you have an idea of a backdrop you might like for your event?

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What’s included in our service

All of our technical production services include our £10,000,000 insurances, risk assessments, show design, professionally trained and experienced crew and operators. This is all part of the service from 21cc Group Ltd.

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