The Riverside Light Nights – Perth City Centre

Lighting up the Riverside

In January 2019, the 21CC Production team headed to site to work on one of our favourite events of the year � the Riverside Light Nights at Norie Miller Walk in Perth. �This was our fifth year leading the technical production in conjunction with Perth and Kinross Council. �This project is one that the whole team at�21CC Group Ltd plays a part in and utilising our individual skills whilst supporting each other as a team really pushed us to ensure this year was the best yet.

Themed Evenings

The Riverside Light Nights are 16 themed days of lighting, art installations, entertainment and special FX that are free for the public to attend. �Each theme runs for a few nights to give the public the chance to attend with this years themes including wizards, dinosaurs, Burns Night, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day and Comic-Con.

Lighting Design

The first aspect of the event we focused on was the lighting itself. �After conducting site visits to reacquaint ourselves with the space, 21CC Productions took charge and created a lighting design that would not only fit into the space and compliment each area but could also be adaptable to suit each theme.

Set Pieces

The next consideration was the art installations. �These needed to consist of a mixture of adaptable pieces that could change slightly to encompass each theme and bespoke creations that could be brought in for specific events only, creating unique and interesting focal points for the events. �For this we turned to Lisa Earl. Lisa works with us regularly and we completely trust her to help us turn our creative vision into reality.

The first design to be put in place was the Welcoming Committee. �This piece consisted of 150 Styrofoam heads poised at various heights in a space at the very end of the site. �The heads were dressed and positioned to suit each theme, wearing wizards hats for wizards and superhero masks for Comic-Con, creating a regimented terracotta army during Chinese New Year and embracing each other during Valentines Day. �To add an extra layer and really captivate the attention of attendees our Company Director, Geoff Crow� along with and 21CC Events‘, Julie Ogilvie, recorded a selection of sometimes cheeky voice-overs to fit in with each theme.

Some of the other creations included a massive UV spider web weaved through the trees that, when combined with our LED Battens, shone brightly and produced an eye catching piece, a 6ft tall wizards hat that floated above the grass and a group of Dementors that appeared to fly through the trees.

Dino Crate!

One of the creative highlights of the event was the 3 meter tall dinosaur crate built by our 21CC Fireworks Display Manager. �We placed one of our PA systems and lights inside the crate to give the illusion of a dinosaur being trapped inside. �The structure was surrounded by truss uprights with G-Flame effects on top and Co2 Jets attached to the side provided by 21CC Pyrotechnics. �The entire vision was finished by some creative stencilling from Lisa at Lisa Earl Creates, resulting in a truly terrifying addition to this event!

Over the course of the 2 weeks that the event was running in excess 58,000 people visited the Riverside Light Nights making it the most popular year yet!� We have a wonderful time working with Perth City Council on this event making it bigger and better year after year.� We hope to see you all again next year!

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