Heavy snowfall in June, blamed on 21cc Fireworks

On the hottest day of the year so far the 5-Star Dundas Castle based in Edinburgh held a very successful client party for 180 of their top clients.� The theme was the �four seasons� and we were called in to make a winter wonderland� outdoors� in June.

The winter section was to be a surprise to the clients as they left the party, and they truly were surprised. We had taken on the planning and logistics of bringing in and delivering 10 tonnes of snow to be dispersed over the pathway and grounds that the clients were to leave from.� Complete with flambeaux and winter flaming torches, the clients were stunned to have to make their way through the snow, past the snowman (courtesy of our own Nathan Cameron) and sledges as the sun shone brightly above. Amazing!

Have a look at our specialist services section for some photo images.

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