Sustainable fireworks by 21CC Fireworks

So, how can a professional firework company, whose function and primary product is to entertain by burning and exploding chemical, possibly be sustainable or environmentally focussed?

The Sustainable Fireworks ‘Green Revolution’

Under the headship of Company Director, Geoff Crow who is championing the �Green Revolution� within the 21CC Fireworks team, events delivery has never been so sustainably focussed. From day-to-day office work, site work, show design, debris management and transport. No stone has been left unturned.

Sustainable fireworks by 21CC Fireworks Ltd

Geoff goes on to say

“Simply put, it is not what we do, but how we do it that matters.�Operating over 355 shows last year up and down the country, the carbon footprint of our organisation is significant. Clients seem to struggle to grasp how it can be that we are working hard towards sustainable fireworks events. It is even harder to convince them that, as a professional firework provider, we can enhance the sustainable scoring of their event matrix�. but we can!

The Sustainable Fireworks Action Plan!

As well as the compilation of a Green Action Plan, the 21cc Fireworks Ltd team have made some serious and significant changes to the company infrastructure and facilities over this last year.

Sustainable fireworks by 21CC Fireworks Ltd

The 21CC Fireworks Ltd staff have really bought into the sustainable fireworks vision and have engaged in some proactive and creative thinking to come up with alternative ways of working, alternative products and infrastructure investments that still enable the business to perform at the highest level, but reduce the impact of that performance on the environment.

Sustainable Fireworks Feel Good Factor

There is also a feel good factor that has developed amongst our staff about pursuing initiative and achieving sustainable fireworks methods of working.

Sustainable fireworks by 21CC Fireworks Ltd

Geoff concluded by saying

Our aim is to send out a clear message to all sectors of the industry that if a firework and pyrotechnics company can achieve more sustainable fireworks displays and methods of working, anyone can do it.”

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