Tall Ships Fireworks Dazzle The Crowd

Spectacular colours lit up the skies around the James Watt Dock as one of the countries biggest firework displays marked the final night of the Tall Ships Race around the world. The tall ships fireworks display was set up on a firing site that was over half a kilometre long and took 3 days for the 21CC Fireworks pyrotechnic team to set up.

tall ships fireworks display by 21CC Fireworks Ltd

21CC Fireworks were appointed by the organisers of the Tall Ships Races to provide a spectacular tall ships fireworks finale to conclude the 4 day visit from the ships when they dock in Greenock in Scotland on Saturday 9th July. The fireworks will be on the evening of Monday 11th July. The ships then set sail again on the next leg of their ‘Around the World’ race on the Tuesday morning.

Director of 21CC Fireworks Ltd, Geoff Crow, said:

“We were thrilled to have been appointed for this prestigious, world stage event. What we were proposing was a large scale, sharp and dramatic display. We fired the show from multiple locations on the water using a wide range of special effects and colours. This display was one to see and one to remember for years to come. We had some special themes running through the show, including an array of enormous thistles running the full length of the Garvel Embankment, over 1km long. We also had some surprises that put ‘smiles’ on peoples faces. Our tall ships fireworks display was one of the biggest shows in the country this year. It was very exciting.”

tall ships fireworks display by 21CC Fireworks Ltd

The event was by an estimated 700,000 people over the course of the 4 days, with and estimated 250,000 people being there on day 3 for the tall ships fireworks finale.

Production Manager Nick Barrass explained

“The whole show was electronically fired using computers for precision and control. A lot of planning and coordination with various parties and authorities had gone into the event to make sure it was delivered safely and successfully.”

Tall Ships fireworks finale by 21CC Fireworks Ltd

The sparkling array of colour and unusual pastel shades was visible from all over, with many of the set pieces reaching to over 1000 feet. Over 300,000 people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the dazzling night sky display which spectacularly marked the end of the Tall Ships in Greenock.

Display Manager George King, said:

“We wanted the Tall Ships team to think that we had put on the best fireworks event out of every port, so we put together a series of choreographed sequences and effects that were designed to ‘wow’ and capture the imagination of the audience, getting bigger and bigger as the show progressed.  There were some very large pieces in there tonight. The rain stayed off and the wind dropped before the show. The conditions were perfect.”

tall ships fireworks display by 21CC Fireworks Ltd

The performance lit up the sky, creating stunning silhouettes of the Tall Ships in the foreground of the fireworks. Councillor David Wilson added:

We are grateful to the 21CC Fireworks team for all the hard work that they have put into this event to make this show one of the largest displays and most memorable in the country this year”.

You can watch the Tall Ships firework display here.

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