The Perfect End To The Perfect Wedding Day…

Last Saturday, two award winning Edinburgh based companies, 21cc Fireworks and Blue Sky Photography were asked by Laura and Garry to travel all the way to the award winning wedding venue Loch Torridon to manage their wedding fireworks and photography for them. With such a stunning setting, we were looking forward to presenting a specially choreographed and unique show to match the occasion and the surroundings. We were also looking forward to seeing Robert and the Torridon teamagain.

With months in the planning, a tank full of fuel and a supersized bag of starbursts (compulsory for long journies), the 21cc fireworks team were set for our 500 mile round trip and a 3 day wedding fireworks event.

The show was set up by mid evening. Come firing time, the sky was pitch black and the air was clear. Perfect firing conditions. As the bride and groom approached the front of the house, on cue, we fired the show. With numerous sites firing simultaneously, the sky was filled in true disney style using their wedding colours and special effects to create that dream wedding fireworks finale that Laura and Garry had hoped for.

To end the perfect weekend, we received an email saying“Hi guys, we aresorry we missed your departure from Torridon without being able to say thank you once again. The display was just magnificent and everyone was so impressed with the combinations. That was the perfect wedding fireworks finale. Thank you 21cc Fireworks.”

That’s another happy bride and groom 🙂 For more information on the event, have a look at the blog by Blue Sky Photography. Also, remember to follow us on twitter to catch our latest updates and contact us on 0131 331 4509 to see how we can work with you to make your special day an extra special one to remember with a 21cc Fireworkswedding fireworks or special effects display.

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