Bringing People Together

21CC Group Ltd is about bringing people together through events. Like many businesses, we are working to come to terms with the impact that the #coronavirus is having on the nation and our business. Events are our business, however events have been banned across the country at this time in an effort to curtail the spread of the virus.

Delivering A Message Of Hope

Whilst we are not able to deliver events, in the midst of panic and fear, our awesome team want to deliver a message of hope and care to those around us, who are equally affected and to those who are more vulnerable than us. We want to use our resources and our connections to make a positive impact on others. We want to be part of something that is bigger than us, and in a positive way.

Linking Efforts Across The Country

We created #ThinkOthers in an effort to form a nationally recognised brand that signifies hope and help for others. It is designed to be a brand that can be adopted and used by:
  • help groups to link themselves with something bigger than themselves
  • the government to get messages across to the public under the banner of ThinkOthers
  • campaigns set up to cause the public to think beyond themselves, and help others
ThinkOthers exists to:
  • connect people who need help, with those who can help.
  • bring together all of the community based groups and efforts that have formed independently to offer support locally across the country.
  • Connect businesses with people who need their services

Acts Of Kindness

Where we can’t bring people together through events, ‘ThinkOthers’ exists to bring people together through acts of kindness; connecting people who need help with people who can help. Everyone can be a part of it. #ThinkOthers

Get Involved On Social Media – Join A Community

You can get involved on the ThinkOthers facebook group either by listing the resources you have to help others, or by scanning the existing posts looking for help, and responding to one. Click the link, join the group and join in!

Food Bank Contribution, Help & Distribution

One area of community service where we can all make a difference, is supporting our local food banks. The ThinkOthers campaign team have linked up with a number of Food Bank organisations across Edinburgh & The Lothians, putting together logistics plans and engaging in van drivers to distribute the much needed parcels across the region. Other Food Bank projects are also engaging with the ThinkOthers campaign, so if you live out with Edinburgh and Lothians, let us know where you are and we will link you up with your local food bank.

Can you help? Can you either give some time to a food bank project? or can you contribute financially? or buy food for a food bank? Do you drive and are you willing to distribute parcels? (PPE and methods of safe working provided). Then get in touch with the #ThinkOthers team and we will plug you in to the project – either on a paid or on a voluntary basis, depending upon your circumstances and what you need.

Donate Food or Money

You can donate food, time or money to food banks to help with this vital service here: Food Bank Donations

Social Distancing Markers

As part of our ThinkOthers campaign, we have developed a robust and clear Social Distancing Markers, which are designed to help with the governments vitally important social distancing requirements.
These markers are:
  • Designed to raise and maintain public awareness
  • Large at 400mm diameter
  • Design for indoors and outdoors
  • Bright and visible
  • Concise and clear
  • Quick to apply
  • Scuff proof & washable
  • Self-adhesive
These hardwearing vinyl stickers are designed for pavements, offices and hospital floors alike, both inside and outside to help manage the public’s movement, especially at areas of congestion such as queues, park entrances. We are thinking long term, 6-12 months, not just about this week’s requirements. 

Buy Social Distance Markers

You can buy our social distancing markers for yourself, your neighbourhood, your shop or business. Order small quantities (less than 100) online here. Or get in touch with the #ThinkOthers team on [email protected] for larger quantities and price.

Support #ThinkOthers through ‘Just Giving’

If you cannot get involved in physically helping others at this time, maybe you would consider giving a gift to ThinkOthers, to help support others who can. You can give via our JustGiving page.

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