What’s the Big Deal?

On the 1st April 2018, at the start of last financial year, the management team at 21CC Group set out to explore ways that they could expand and improve the 21CC business. They were given a significant budget, but the timeframe of just 18 months. As we hit the last day of July 2019, 2 months ahead of schedule, we’re excited to share our news!

The 21CC name has been in the events sector since early 2000. In 2014, we brought together all of the different businesses within the 21CC brand and launched 21CC Group Ltd. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength; increasing in size, competency and ability ? whilst retaining the culture of quality, attention to detail and customer service, which are a the core of everything that we do.

Geoff Crow, Company Director has said that over the financial year of 18/19 and in the first quarter of 19/20, the management team at 21CC have invested ?700,000 in developing and expanding the business. He commented that:

?As we have grown, so we have invested. As we have invested, so we have grown. One has promoted the other. We will continue to invest in order to ensure we remain at the forefront of our sector. It is important to me that we are best positioned to continue offering our clients and customers the right balance between quality and cost?.

So, what is the big deal?

#NewKitFriday?If you follow our social media posts, you will be aware that the 3 supply chain businesses of 21CC Group; namely 21CC Productions, 21CC Fireworks & 21CC Pyrotechnics, all require equipment to operate ? and with all things equipment, you get what you pay for.

Our 21CC teams deliver top quality services at high profile events across the UK at public festivals, concerts and celebrations, such as the European Championships Opening Ceremony, the upcoming Wallace Monument 150, and live globally televised events such as the BBC proms and the ?Hello World? moment at the opening celebrations for the V&A Dundee.

We also deliver our services at public events both large and small, private celebrations and corporate events for global brands such as Honda, AXA XL, Lego, Amazon, Dell and many more. Our businesses need the right quality of kit to deliver these significant events safely, competently and successfully.

For an insight into some of the services we offer, click ?HERE??to see a showreel of one of our recent events, incorporating elements from each of the 21CC companies; event design, technical production, fireworks and effects.

The investment in our business has been huge: from Clay Paky LED lighting and Robe intelligent movers, D&B sound systems, screens, staging, control desks, power and projectors for 21CC Productions.

The investment also includes firing systems, effects, flames, software and hardware for 21CC Fireworks and 21CC Pyrotechnics. Investment in good quality equipment ensures we have the right kit for the job.

Head of Production, Nick Barrass says:

?As we focus on our businesses and invest in the right kit for each sector, we can deliver our events with confidence. This enables our clients to focus on the core aspects of their events in the knowledge that it will be delivered exactly as they envisaged.?

You can keep up to date with our kit and equipment investments by following our weekly hashtag?#NewKitFriday across social media; Facebook; Instagram; Linkedin

Building for the Future

As part of the investment plan to ensure continuing success, we have purchased a 5,000 sqft commercial warehouse facility in Livingston to house our technical production company 21CC Productions.

When we bought the building, it was in a state of disrepair and required significant renovation to get it up to standard. At 21CC, we have vision and drive and we worked to make it happen!

Over the last few months to prepare the building for occupation, the roof has been taken off and replaced with high energy efficient panels; the gas, electrics and utilities all had to be replaced and upgraded. The warehouse has been furnished with new and much more efficient temperature-regulated industrial gas heaters.

In addition, the office and toilet facilities have been refurbished, and new triple-glazing has been installed. Sustainable products have been used wherever possible alongside new low energy LED lighting throughout as well as a new low energy boiler has been installed for the heating.

This new facility will be the home of 21CC Productions, creating a first class, customised and efficient facility for our technical team to operate from. It is now a comfortable environment where our clients can visit and meet with members of our team. We are very excited about it.

Bigger Team, Bigger Ambitions

To support all of this growth and development, the 21CC team has expanded with the recent appointment of 5 new members of staff. Our Business Manager, John Laidlaw says:

?We are an ambitious, forward thinking and progressive team here at 21CC Group. We aim to succeed in everything that we do. It is not a secret that part of the winning formula is having the right people in the right place within the organisation. This is what creates a positive working environment and ensures the team is set up to succeed, which in turn benefits our clients.?

Emma McIntyre joined 21CC Group as Operations Manager, overseeing our operations team and the logistical planning and delivery of events across the whole business. Emma has worked for many years within the events sector and brings a wealth of knowledge and management skills to the role.

Our team at 21CC Productions has also grown with the appointment of Scott Wallace as? Sound Engineer. Working with our range of in-house PA systems and software, Scott is responsible – as a key member of our production team – for the design and delivery of sound systems and audio solutions for our events.

A pair of familiar faces have expanded our 21CC Fireworks team: we are excited to share that having worked with the business for 4 years in a part-time position, Natasha Skinner has recently been promoted to a permanent role as Display Supervisor, overseeing the design and build of our spectacular fireworks shows. Natasha also manages our peak season staff base and firers.

Verity Turner has also rejoined our team in the last few months in her new capacity as Display Coordinator. Verity works closely with our Display Manager George King, to manage firework enquiries, plan and schedule resources and coordinates with our Operations team for the safe and successful delivery of firework shows all around the UK.

Our most recent addition, Penny Lambert, has joined our event design, planning and management team as an Events Producer for 21CC Events. Penny has many years of experience designing and delivering a wide range of large and small scale events for clients in the private, corporate and public sectors ? both nationally and internationally.

If you would like to find out more about our team, and to ‘put a face to the name’, click ?HERE? to visit the team page on our website.

These appointments reflect the scale and growth of the company, taking our current team to 19 permanent staff, with an additional pool of over 40 excellent contract and freelance technical personnel, operators and crew ? who are all very much part of the team here at 21CC.

This level of investment in our equipment, facilities and people is testament to the success of the business over the last few years and instrumental in setting up the business up for continued success going forward.

So, why does this all matter to you, and what is the big deal?

For 21CC Group Ltd, ?700,000 is a significant investment and we hope it is just the start. The investment shows that we have confidence in our team and indicates to our clients that we are serious about supporting them by having the right kit for the job, the right facilities to operate from and the right team to design, plan and deliver their events. This is why we believe that it is a big deal!

If you would like to explore how we can help you to design and deliver your event, please contact our team on [email protected] or call the main office on 0131 331 4509.

21CC Group Ltd. Make it an event.


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