World’s First Underwater Festival

21CC Group Launch World First Initiative

This morning the world’s first fully under water festival is launched, ‘Aqua-Fest’. The festival will have bands, catering, toilets and tent fields, just as every other festival. The only difference being that the venue is 75m under the surface of the water, half a mile North of South Queensferry in the Firth of Forth.

Company Director, Geoff Crow said this morning:

Our underwater festival will be a fully immersive experience. In a year where we, and all promoters around the world, have been prohibited from delivering festivals and concerts, we have needed to think long and hard to find new ways to make it possible for festivals to go ahead this year. We are delighted to have eventually come up with something that will satisfy the governments concerns, and to have been given the green light for Aqua-Fest to go ahead.

Underwater concerts have been attempted in the past, but have never been able to see the light of day. There have been concerns about how sound systems might operate under the water, and whether or not the sound quality of the bands will be affected.

The technical team at 21CC have developed solutions to many of the challenges of putting on a full scale festival under water, but acknowledge that there remains a few minor issues to overcome.

Nick Barrass, Head of Production at 21CC Productions said:

there remain a few tricky technical challenges associated with the delivery aspect of the festival, such as power distribution and control computers under water, and how salt water affects the equipment, but that’s not unexpected for new initiatives like this. We are problem solving minded here at 21CC Group, so if there is a solution, we will find it.

The festival is going to run over 3 days from the 13th August 2021, finishing with a major fireworks display on the last night. Festival goers are encouraged to practice holding their breath for long periods of time before attending the festival.

Addressing safety concerns about the festival, a government Public Health Advisor was quoted saying;

It has been well documented over the last few months that Covid19 is transmitted by air. Obviously, everyone attending the under water festival will be holding their breath, so as far as we are concerned, that risk has been eliminated. Assessing it on that basis, the event is covid safe and we can see no reason why it cannot go ahead.

Preparations For A World First

It is anticipated that 75,000 people will attend this festival each day over the 3 days. Some seem to think that events of this type can be delivered within a few weeks. The reality is that an event of this size will take between 6-8 months to plan, sometimes up to a year depending upon the complexities of the site, health and safety planning, licensing, community engagement and the availability of the headline bands and supply chain.

These festivals support livelihoods across many sectors, including hospitality, tourism, transport and retail as well as the events sector itself. It is estimated that over 2,000 jobs and skilled workers will be employed by the festival either directly or indirectly via the supply chain in its first year.

A local councillor has expressed her delight at Aqua-Fest choosing the Firth of Forth for it’s inaugural event.

Everyone knows the significant economic impact these events bring to an area. We need them to survive. I am delighted Aqua-Fest is coming to Queensferry, the retail and hospitality businesses will thrive off the back of it, which is just what we need right now.

It is rumoured that those attending the event, in particular staff working at the event, are being encouraged to take one cod liver oil capsule daily in the lead up to the festival, increasing to two capsules during the event. This is to make the team more ‘fish-like’ and capable of holding their breath under water for longer. It is also said to have other benefits, such as supporting normal brain function, nourishment of bones and a source of vital vitamins – but these are not the reasons for taking them.

Sponsorship Deal

Companies have been falling over themselves to get in on this world first. The most notable being a well known swimwear brand, who’s only stipulation is that all staff working the event need to wear their branded ‘clothing’. No deal has yet been struck. Management are considering the options carefully.

One video wall operator and content designer, known only as ‘RW’ expressed his concerns about the practicality of the main sponsors clothing, saying:

The last time I wore speedos, it didn’t end well for anyone. Also, trunks generally don’t have pockets. I need pockets.

Festival Headlines

Headliners for the festival have started to be announced, including bands such as Wet, Wet, Wet along with 90’s pop band Aqua. Friday night is closing with a special performance from the Red Hot Chilli Kippers.

A Senior Medical Officer was asked if they will be attending the world’s first under water festival.

Yes, of course. I am in favour of this. All year my team and I, along with members of the ministerial office have only been concerned about Covid, Covid, Covid. It’s been our main focus now for so long, we’ve almost forgotten there are other factors to consider. It is refreshing to see invention overcoming restriction. We are satisfied that this new initiative is thoroughly Covid19 safe. The organisers have clearly thought about the concerns and through careful planning have mitigated what we are all most worried about. I am delighted to give it the green light. What could possibly go wrong?

A spokesperson for the ministerial office said

This is the way forward for events. We knew someone would come up with something if we just held things down long enough. Our plan worked. It is great to see our nation inventing again. Rumour has it that there will also be an area dedicated to hot tubs. See you there or be square.

Tickets go on sale from the 1st May 2021, via 21CC Group’s own website

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