Fire And Ice Theme Event

21CC Events have just produced an exciting and stunning corporate event with a fire and ice theme for one of our clients at an exclusive Edinburgh venue.

Ice Ice Baby!

With a event designed around a fire and ice theme, the�guests arrived to our specially designed soundtrack including Ice Ice Baby! Entering the stunning marquee with�icy blue lighting and snowflake projections. �The guests walked through the low level fog effect to their tables, where they could see an enormous glowing snowflake ice sculpture. �The white gloss dance floor enhanced the theme, decorated with glowing ice cube seating.

Relight My Fire!

Part way through the evening we changed the marquee to fire, with flame projections, washing the marquee with warm lighting colours (and our cubes turned to fire colours too).

Fire & Ice theme by 21CC Events Ltd

After Show Fire And Ice Theme Performance

After dinner, the guests made their way outside to view an amazing Fire and Ice theme performance from our dancers, enhanced with brilliant pyrotechnics, fireworks and flame dance effects, all choreographed to our chosen music!

Surprise it’s Boney M!

We then surprised the guests even more with our grand reveal to our�glamorous stage set, complete with�exciting�moving�light effects and professional sound kit for our guest band � Boney M!� What an event to kick off 2015!

Fire & Ice theme by 21CC Events Ltd

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