A Show Fit For A King

This weekend 21cc Fireworks presented a spectacular fireworks display to a group of VIPs including the King of Spain. The show took months in the planning and was fired from 7 different firing sites around the estate of one of Scotland’s most prestigious castles. An event spokensman said

“The whole party was a great success but the fireworks finale was exceptional. I don’t think our client and his guests were expecting that. We just couldn’t believe what we were seeing. The size and the scale of the show was mind blowing and the attention to detail was incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it. The colour and effects were amazing. I was actually crying with joy! This was a very important day for these guests as they celebrated a private family event. It couldn’t have gone any better”.

The team at 21cc Fireworks have managed a number of shows for royalty and VIP’s over the last few years. Director Geoff Crow said

“Every event we do is important, but at events like these, it is especially important to ensure that every single detail is considered in the planning, the preparation and the on-site execution. Knowing that there was to be Spanish Royalty, we went to the lengths of importing a range of Spanish material to entertain the guests and to make it special for them“.

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