A VIP Wedding & A Right Royal Party!

21cc Fireworks were out setting up a rather special display at the Home of Golf, St Andrews on the 31st December to celebrate the wedding of a young celebrity couple. The show was designed over a period of months as 21cc Fireworks worked with the client to create a perfect and custom built display. With the guest list including members of the Royal Family such as Prince Harry and Zara Philips, only the best display would do.

At the stroke of midnight, the guests celebrated the turning of the year and were treated to a fabulous display. The sky was filled with a sequence of beautifully choreographed explosions and effects, all precision fired to the 1812 Overture music.

After the event, the client said:

“Absolutely phenomenal show. The feedback from our guests is that this was the best they had ever seen. I expected it to be good, knowing you and with the interaction we’d had, I know you do a great job, but you just blew it out the water. On a day when everything had to be right, you absolutely delivered. The Royal couple also commented on how good the show was. I am over the moon, just ecstatic and so appreciative of everything that you have done for us. Thank you”

A clip of the show has been uploaded on the internet and can be seen by clicking on this link: 1812 Overture

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