An Explosive Wedding Cake Entertains Guests!

We have been asked to do a wide range of fun things over the years, but in April of this year, the team at 21cc Fireworks were asked for something quite special. We were asked by one of our brides if we could explode her wedding cake during the best man’s speech at her wedding on the 11th June 2011.

We had 2 months to prepare. The challenge for our team was to use the correct scale and quantity of explosive. We needed something big enough to explode the heave cake from the inside out, but not too big so as not to damage the table or spread cake too widely. We took into account the consistency of the cake and the thickness of the icing. We carried out 5 live tests to ensure we got it right. Click here to see a photo from one of our test firings.

On the special day, the wedding cake was packed with a series of small charges and the cake was placed on display for the guests to see. By using our wireless firing units, the whole package was concealed. This kept the element of surprise. As the speeches unfolded, the brother of the bride asked for the cake to taken outside, claiming it to be a ‘disaster of a cake’. He then asked for a moments silence, then on cue, we exploded it into a thousand pieces!

Click here to see the video from the wedding and the cake exploding. Thank you Mint and Steve for such a fun challenge and congratulations to you both on your wedding.

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