Balloon Drop with 21CC Pyrotechnics

Balloon Drop Company In Scotland

Are you looking for a balloon drop company in Scotland? Then look no further than the special effects�professionals at 21CC Pyrotechnics in Edinburgh! We create and deliver spectacular balloon drops all over the country and for all sorts of celebrations.

balloon drop company edinburgh by 21CC Pyrotechnics

A magic moment!

Our balloon drops are simply amazing… They appeal to all age groups and add that perfect party effect. Whether�it is a private party, corporate celebration, dance party or full on rock concert, our professionally�designed and rigged balloon drops will create that magic moment that everyone will enjoy. Guaranteed!

balloon drop company scotland by 21CC Pyrotechnics

Any Room, Anywhere!

We have a variety of rigging solutions to suit the nature of most rooms and marquees from simple rope, clamp and pulley systems to complete truss and motor systems. We also have a range of trigger options from a simple manual pull to a full electronic control.

balloon drop company edinburgh by 21CC Pyrotechnics

Balloons are inherently�an inert�and a relatively safe�product, so�there is little restriction to where you can have a balloon drop. We can rig them up pretty much in any room, anywhere in the UK! The higher the room, the better the effect because the balloons have further to fall.

balloon drop company scotland by 21CC Pyrotechnics

Bigger Is Better!

The bigger your balloon drop, the better it will be! The�more balloons we can hoist up into the air, the bigger the effect when we drop them. What goes up…. must come down!

edinburgh balloon drop company by 21CC Pyrotechnics

Custom Balloon Drops

Each balloon drop that we create is custom made and fit for purpose. We set up each balloon drop safely at ground level and hoist it up into the air when ready, poised securely above your guests or dance floor waiting for the big moment.

balloon drop company in scotland by 21CC Pyrotechnics

�Get The Party Started!

There is no better way to get your party started than with an exciting, custom balloon drop from the 21CC Pyrotechnics team. You can choose the colour of your balloons and even have names or logos printed on them!

balloon drop company by 21CC pyrotechnics

For more information on a balloon drop from 21CC Pyrotechnics,�email us on [email protected] or call 0330 022 1611 (local rate).

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