Award Winning Services

We are delighted that over the years we have received a number of industry awards that recognise our commitment to delivering quality services, products and customer service.

UK Events Awards

In 2013, we were finalists at the UK Events awards, receiving a commendation for ‘Best Event Service Supplier’. We were commended for their customer care programme and recent facility expansion that enables us to accommodate a wide range of challenges on behalf of our clients.

Scottish Events Awards

The Scottish Events Awards have been set up to recognise companies who stage and present events within the entertainments and events industry that exceed the expectations of their clients. In 2012, we were nominated as finalists in 3 categories, ‘Best Event Services Supplier’, ‘Sustainability Award’ and ‘Green Award’ receiving a commendation for ‘Best Event Service Supplier’ for our innovation and ability to problem solve, presenting their clients with a high end professional service that helped make their clients events stand out from the rest.
In 2013, we won the ‘Sustainability Award’. Over the last few years, company Director Geoff Crow has been championing the ‘Green Revolution’ within our team. Our event delivery has never been so sustainably focused.

VOWS Awards

VOWS stands for Voted Outstanding Wedding Supplier of the year and is a celebration of businesses in the Scottish wedding industry which have been nominated for the awards by newlyweds for exceptional levels of service. The VOWS Awards 2012 attracted more than 14,000 nominations and only 100 Scottish wedding companies from across the board made the shortlist.

At the awards dinner we scooped the coveted ‘Industry Award’, placing us as number 1 for service within the Scottish Wedding Industry. Speaking at the event, Geoff said: “I’m ecstatic, humbled, overwhelmed and grateful. We have been nominated for a few years now and this is our first win. We have a very dedicated team who has put a lot of work in to our customer service. It is always a privilege to be a part of a wedding and we are so grateful to everyone who voted for us. Thank you.”


Morning, I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I was really impressed with your company. We were having a fireworks event last Saturday but I still didn’t have fireworks booked on Saturday morning. I phoned in at 10.15am and was told that you may be able to help. Geoff wouldn’t let me off the phone until he found a solution. The result was we got the display and it was really enjoyed by everyone. Thanks so much for your help – I was really impressed with the service and have been telling all my friends”.

Ruth Fairbairn

Sustainable Delivery

So, how can an events company who owns a fireworks company and a pyrotechnics company, whose functions and primary products are to entertain by burning and exploding chemicals, possibly be sustainable or environmentally focused?

Geoff Crow is championing the ‘Green Revolution’ within our team and events delivery has never been so sustainably focused. From day-to-day office work, site work, show design, debris management and transport. No stone has been left unturned.

Geoff goes on to say “Simply put, it is not what we do, but how we do it that matters. Managin over 450 events last year up and down the country, the carbon footprint of our organisation is significant. Clients seem to struggle to grasp how it can be that we are working hard towards sustainable events. It is even harder to convince them that, with our fireworks and pyrotechnic companies, we can enhance the sustainable scoring of their event matrix…. but we can!

As well as the compilation of a Green Action Plan, our team have made some serious and significant changes to the company infrastructure and facilities over this last year.

Our staff have really bought into the vision and have engaged in some proactive and creative thinking to come up with alternative ways of working, alternative products and infrastructure investments that still enable the business to perform at the highest level, but reduce the impact of that performance on the environment.

There is also a feel good factor that has developed amongst our staff about pursuing initiative and achieving sustainable methods of working.

“Our aim is to send out a clear message to all sectors of the industry that if a firework and pyrotechnics company can achieve more sustainable methods of working, anyone can do it.”

Geoff Crow


Our team has evolved over the years, from what started as the passion of one person has now become the enthusiasm and career of many. From backgrounds in engineering, accounting, chemistry, electronics, banking and event management, each member of the team brings a unique skill that enables us to create shows that have won awards and have allowed us to deliver spectacular events that we are proud to put the 21cc Group Ltd name to.

With our work being so varied and interesting, if you ask any member of our team why they work with us, you would get a completely different answer.

Here are a few quotes from some of them:

Geoff Crow | 21CC Group Ltd

Geoff Crow
Company Director

“I’ve been in the industry since 1999 and I am still enthused about the events that we can create. Products are always evolving and trends changing which means that it’s an exciting challenge meeting and exceeding the requests of our clients. We started out with the intent to ‘excel in event delivery’ and I believe that is what we are doing.”

Julie Ogilvie
Business Development Manager

“Every client we work with seems to remark on our ability as a company and the quality with which we deliver our services as a team. I really enjoy the part of my role where I meet with a new client and I can share confidently that 21cc Group will exceed their expectations in the delivery of all of our products and services. We do have a very good team.”

21cc_Group Julie

21cc Group George King

George King
Display Manager

“There is a lot of travelling involved which keeps things interesting as we have clients in the most northern cities in Scotland and the most southern in England. We used to have a time in the year that we called our ‘peak season’. That doesn’t exist any more. We are busy all the time! On occasion we can have up to 30 extra vehicles on site to deal with the number of shows, but that’s my job to sort them!”

Nick Barrass
Production Manager

“We prepare a huge amount of material every week with the number of shows and events that we produce. Every show that goes out the door goes through multiple layers of checking to ensure compliance with the event scripts and for quality control. This means that we can be confident that each event will go exactly to plan.”

21cc Group Nick Barrass

Bonnie Wallace

Bonnie Wallace
Events Administrator

“My role is enormously varied. It ranges from managing initial client enquiries, to co-ordinating event information between crew, clients and our production team for small private to major national events. Our team are extremely proactive and keen to ensure that we all deliver the highest possible level of customer service from start to finish.”

Chrissie MacLennon
Office Administrator

“I get the best job because I get to speak to all of the clients during their enquiry stage. It is always really interesting gaining an understanding of someone’s event and then telling them of the different products that we have that can enhance their show for their guests. Every day is a different day and every client is unique.”

21CC Group Chrissie MacLennon

21CC Jack McKie

Jack McKie
Show Preparation

“The variety of events keeps us on our toes. Last week I was preparing a large festival finale display, this week I am producing multiple shows for weddings as well as an exclusive VIP wedding celebration. No two events are the same so we rely on each other heavily, I think that is why we have such a great team spirit!”

Nathan Cameron
Accounts Manager

have been part of the team now for many years. The company really has grown enormously over this period. Growth is both exciting and challenging. I enjoy being the part of the team. I am the one who measures everything by numbers!”

21CC Group Nathan Cameron

Barry Forest

Barry Forest
Retail Sales

Being part of 21cc Group is great fun. In this job I am able to bring ideas and solutions to the table. I also get to see a lot of clients and customers. We have never yet had a disappointed client and often receive requests for the same products and services year after year.”

John Laidlaw
Retail Development Manager

“I really enjoy the variety of my role, from dealing directly with the clients to being involved in managing staff as well as retail business development. It is really rewarding when we receive the feedback from our delighted clients because we each care a lot about the services and the events that we deliver.”

Training & Kit

Safe Delivery Of Your Show

Every year we invest in our staff and crew, training them to the different levels of competency such as the British Pyrotechnics Association (BPA) training course. We are a certified trainer of the BPA training course. This gives us peace of mind that we are sending out crew who are certified, well informed, experienced and competent to manage your event.

Continual Investment

We also invest annually in our kit and fleet of vehicles, ensuring that we are in the best possible position with the best equipment to deliver your display properly and professionally.


We have just completed the construction of another licensed premises, including a large preparation unit and tool yard to help us manage the quantity and range of events that we are presenting up and down the country.

We have specifically designed our sites as we have built them to ensure that we have state of the art, clean and safe facilities for the efficient production of each of our events and shows. Our main preparation site has multiple heated units for different parts of the event preparation process and storage, maintenance and preparation of equipment and materials.

Travelling to China

Every year we travel out to China searching out new products and effects for our firework displays and pyrotechnics effects. Our primary aim is to source and import some of the finest products on the market, meaning that our shows continually remain fresh, dynamic and new. Each year we import an enormous quantity of professional product for our 21CC Fireworks Ltd and 21CC Pyrotechnics Ltd businesses and retail fireworks for our Edinburgh Firework Store business. This means that we are commonly able to put far more fireworks into our shows and packages. That’s good news for our customers!antity and range of events that we are presenting up and down the country.

We import our professional fireworks directly from the factories in China straight to one of our 4 licensed sites through out the country, which reduces travel costs. This gives us the freedom to use products from our huge range that will suit your requirements. By also visiting the factories ourselves, we are able to ensure that we are delivering the best possible quality for the best possible price. It is all part of the service from the 21cc Group team!

Our Commitment to our Community


As well as developing the business, we are focused on developing a sense of community and responsibility in everything that we do. This means sowing into the local community with what we have. Whether it is the sponsorship of a small local event or student trying to raise funds for a gap year, a donation to local raffle or supporting the local academic institutions by taking on student placements to advance their English or business skills, we are willing and ready to do what we can. We see these projects as an essential part of being integrated with the community and encouraging family life.

“Thank you so much for your most generous donation of fireworks to our youth club for this years Guy Fawkes night celebration. As a totally voluntary run organisation, we struggle to be able to afford fireworks and your donation means that our children will have a great night. Thank you once again for your kindness. We really appreciate it”.

Linden Raeburn

21CC Charity and Community Projects
Nibakure Childrens Village in Rwanda is the 21CC Group’s sponsored charity. In July 2012, we were able to send them just over $5,400 on the back of money raised for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons. Some of our team have also been to Rwanda over the last few years to see and support the work. We have also granted a financial gift to the international charities ‘Kid Care’ in support of their work in Uganda. This charity is focused on providing food, resources and training for families as they work to build a new future.

“Firstly I would like to thank you for your kind donation of fireworks for our community church event. The day was a huge success and the fireworks definitely finished the night off. They were outstanding & loved by all. So many thanks for helping make this Christmas special for so many under privileged families.”
Donna Sedwell